Starting August 1st

Starting on August 1st, we will kick off our "Inspire and Be Inspired" 30-Day Challenge.

This challenge was inspired by our upcoming inspirational read, Make Your Bed, which encourages us to do little things that can change our lives...and maybe the world.


Our 30-Day Inspirational Challenge starts off with making your bed at the start of each day and working towards completing a specific challenge by the end of each day.  You can follow along as we do each challenge day by day, OR you can choose a different challenge to complete each day.  


The goal of this challenge is simple-do something every single day to serve as an inspiration to yourself or others; if nothing else, you get to end your day with a perfectly made bed.


And of course, we can't have a challenge without a surprise



Be sure to tag us on Twitter and Instagram during our 30-Day Inspirational Challenge!  Each post counts as an entry towards our giveaway. 


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