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Jennifer Kerr, M.A.

Jennifer Kerr is a Literacy Leader for the Northside Independent School District and a certified Reading Specialist (K-12).   She has been in the education sector for 15 years having taught in a variety of title and non-title schools throughout the district.


As a Reading Specialist, she supports students with dyslexia as well as students who have difficulties in the areas of reading and/or writing.  She also supports teachers by serving as an academic coach.


She is a member of the Northside Independent School District Reading Cadre and develops ongoing professional development in the areas of literacy in which she presents at the campus and district levels.  She has also served as a selected Literacy Academy trainer providing literacy professional development for the district and Region 20 by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).


Her educational background includes a degree in Science and a Master of Arts in Reading and Literacy with a Reading Specialist certification from the University of Texas-San Antonio.


She is the 2020-2021 Teacher of the Year and the recipient of numerous grants where she continues to support literacy initiatives including building on literacy skills by providing a variety of high-interest, authentic, and diverse literature for students and staff.


Mrs. Kerr is a member of the International Literacy Association and is a strong advocate for developing early literacy through a curriculum supportive of engaging and hands-on learning opportunities.


Her professional interests include curriculum and instruction, children’s literacy with an emphasis on diversity, and professional development in literacy.

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