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Trinity Elite Education & Co., LLC, is a new strategy and design educational company based out of San Antonio, TX, committed to offering premier consulting services, comprehensive hands-on training, specialized online training, virtual/on-site coaching support, and leading resources/products to elevate the presence of literacy and technology for those in the K-5 education sector.


Established by Dr. Frances Gonzalez-Garcia, a nationally acclaimed award-winning leader and educator, along with the support of a unique Educational Advisory Board, Trinity Elite Education & Co.'s sole purpose is to support and provide children, parents, professional educators, and leaders educational opportunities in the area of literacy and technology.


Our Educational Advisory Board is strategically comprised of volunteers including district leaders, administrators, literacy specialists, professors, educators, parents, students, business leaders, advocates, and attorneys who bring background knowledge in working with Title, non-Title, Private, and Charter campuses.


All sessions, courses, presentations, consultations, curriculum frameworks, and products are researched, piloted, and reviewed by Dr. Frances Gonzalez-Garcia and members of the Educational Advisory Board prior to release or implementation to ensure high-quality end results.




Think Change. Lead Change. 

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Book Picks & Book Lists  #LitLoveFriyay

Supporting the LOVE of Reading

We LOVE books and LOVE sharing them with everyone!  Book picks and book lists are curated and provided for all book lovers looking to build their book stacks.

Book Clubs for Professional and Pleasure Reading

Supporting the LOVE of Book Clubs

Live monthly book chats are provided to the community at no cost.  

Book Donations

Supporting Literacy

A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to providing books to teachers and students.  Books donated are hardcover, quality, authentic reads.

Trunk Shows as Fundraisers

Supporting Campuses Through Fundraisers

A portion of our proceeds from our Trunk Shows is donated back to campuses for additional support.

Triumph Over Kid Cancer

Supporting Others

A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to supporting a youth-driven nonprofit organization raising funds and awareness for pediatric cancer. 



Educate. Elevate. Empower. Evolve.

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