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Trinity Elite Education & Co., LLC, is a literacy-based educational company based out of San Antonio, TX, committed to offering premier consulting services, comprehensive hands-on training, specialized online training, virtual/on-site coaching support, research-based resources, and engaging products strategically designed to elevate the presence of literacy and technology for those in the K-5 education sector.


Established by Dr. Frances L. Gonzalez-Garcia, a nationally acclaimed award-winning leader and educator, along with the support of a unique Educational Advisory Board, Trinity Elite Education & Co.'s sole purpose is to support and provide children, parents, professional educators, and leaders with educational opportunities and accessibility to literacy.


Our Educational Advisory Board is strategically comprised of volunteers, including district leaders, administrators, literacy specialists, professors, educators, parents, students, business leaders, advocates, and attorneys who bring background knowledge in working with Title, non-title, private, and charter districts.


All sessions, courses, presentations, consultations, curriculum frameworks, and products are researched, piloted, and reviewed by Dr. Frances L. Gonzalez-Garcia and members of the Educational Advisory Board prior to release or implementation to ensure high-quality end results.




Supporting Book Stacks

Book Picks & Book Lists  #LitLoveFriyay

We LOVE books and LOVE sharing them with others!  Book picks and book lists are curated in support of helping book lovers build their book stacks with authentic reads that are culturally relevant, diverse, and simply worth celebrating!

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Supporting Book Clubs 

Book Clubs for Book Lovers  #GGsBookClub

We LOVE to chat about books and know you do too!  We support readership by hosting and providing monthly virtual book chats to the general public at no cost.  It's our way of celebrating literacy together and staying connected with other readers.

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Supporting Literacy Partnerships

LEAP & SOR Community Literacy Project  #LEAP&SOR

Best practice and research simply go hand-in-hand.  We support building literacy partnerships with a diverse community of learners and leaders while working together in moving the literacy field forward.


Supporting Book Joy

Book Donations

Books are meant to be accessible by everyone.  We support book joy and firmly believe that every reader should experience the splendor of literacy.  A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to providing books to schools, classroom teachers, and students.  Books donated on our behalf are hardcover, quality, diverse, authentic reads that come straight from our own independent bookstore (Bleu Birch) or are purchased from BIWOC owned independent bookstores.


Supporting Schools


We believe that actions speak louder than words.  We support schools in our community by donating a portion of our proceeds from all of our fundraisers/events to help support literacy initiaves.


Supporting Others

Triumph Over Kid Cancer  #DoThatOneThing

Supporting each other is what we take pride in doing. A portion of our proceeds is dedicated to supporting a youth-driven nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer.  



Educate. Elevate. Empower. Evolve.

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