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Executive Director | Literacy Consultant

Frances L. Gonzalez-Garcia, Ph.D.
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A children's advocate at heart, Frances L. Gonzalez-Garcia, Ph.D., has served in the education sector for the past 20 years through the capacity of multiple roles including that of a classroom teacher (experience teaching in K-5), Master Reading Teacher, district job-embedded trainer, adjunct, lecturer, university reading clinic supervising assistant, reading specialist, selected Texas Education Agency literacy trainer, and an independent literacy consultant.


Most recently, Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia served as a district-level K-5 ELA and K-12 dyslexia coordinator working in collaborative efforts with the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, district content coordinators, Special Education/504 directors, K-12 teachers, K-12 administrators, K-12 dyslexia specialists, K-5 literacy leaders, librarians, school board members, numerous district/regional committees and community members.


During her tenure as the ELA/dyslexia coordinator, she spearheaded the district’s ELA vertical team, ELA administrative team, literacy cadres, ELA professional development cadres, and literacy job-embedded trainers.

She provided professional development district-wide on literacy, dyslexia, and dysgraphia in addition to instructional coaching support and formal appraisals district-wide.  She led the development of the district’s ELA curriculum, dyslexia/dysgraphia initiatives and established an online support site for professional resources, webinars, and collaboration for both educators and parents.

Dr. Gonzalez-Garcia's extensive experience in education includes working with students of all diverse backgrounds including gifted and talented students, multilingual students, students with learning differences, and dyslexic students in Title and non-Title campuses.

She holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies of Science with an emphasis in English, a Master of Science in Educational Technology, a Master of Science in Reading, a Master Reading Teacher (MRT) certification, a Reading Specialist certification, and a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in literacy.


She is an active presenter for local, state, and national conferences and is the national recipient of the International Literacy Association Legends in Literacy Award and state recipient of the H.E.B. Excellence in Education Award in Elementary Leadership.


Her professional interests include multiple metacognitive approaches, technology, reading/writing motivation, teacher education, educational leadership, curriculum and instruction, dyslexia/dysgraphia, and literacy in multilingual/multicultural contexts.

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