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Cast Your "Book" Net with NetGalley

There are three things to know about me as a book lover:

1. If you ask me to visit a local bookshop, I will be there (make sure there's coffee)!

2. If you ask me to review picture books, YA books, novels, or professional reads, I'm all in!

3. If you need someone to chat with about books, I'm your go-to!

As a bibliophile and bookarazzi (see what book lover word suits your personality here ), it is also guaranteed that regardless of the number of books I come across, they all ultimately need a home and evidently become part of my design when discussing interior decorating options. Afterall, who needs an end table when you can have a book stack instead, right?

Oooo! Look how pretty!

Now I know that many of you will agree with me when I say book decor can serve as a trendy, show-stopper, decorative piece that can definitely make a statement in your home; but my, not so much. He may say that I simply have an obsession with books. And to his point, I will admit that perhaps I may have a slight problem when it comes to owning books. But I can't help it. Books are my happy place, and I LOVE them all.

(Swifty fans, click HERE and enjoy!)


So what's my secret for getting my hands on ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) while keeping my promise to my hubby that books will not become a new furniture piece in our home?

NetGalley is an online platform that works with several publishers and authors to get digital copies and audiobooks into the hands of book lovers like you and me. The NetGalley community allows readers to browse and discover countless titles that are yet to be released.

In exchange for any ARC sent your way, you simply need to share your own review on any social media platform (e.g., Goodreads, Linkedin, Twitter, and TikTok) to help spread the word prior to its release.

Want to learn more about NetGalley and how it works? Check out the videos below.

Here's to books, books, and more books for 2023!

P.s. If you love reading and sharing your thoughts on books, don't forget to connect with me on Goodreads! I'd love to know what you're reading for 2023.

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