Fall into September With Our Fall Picks!

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Fall into our September Picks! Parker enlisted our help, aka "Parker's Pack", to help curate a Fall booklist just for you and your kiddos. We hope this list makes you fall into the world of books and enjoy the splendors of literacy! ❤️

Here are our Top 25 Fall Books for September.

Our Top 25 Back-to-School Favorite Books

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1. Full of Fall

2. We Are the Gardeners

3. If I Had a Little Dream

4. The Magic Hat Shop

5. Tree

6. Seeds and Trees

7. We Gather Together

8. Goodby Summer, Hello Autumn

9. Because of an Acorn

10. Hello, Harvest Moon

11. Fall Ball

12. Tiny, Perfect Things

13. Leaves

14. A Fall Ball for All

15. Wonderfall

16. A Kiss for Akaraka

17. Yellow Time

18. Tidy

19. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves

20. Twig

21. Hello, Fall!

22. Leaf

23. Fall Leaves

24. Wherever You Go

25. Little Tree

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