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February Picks and Love of Books!

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Known to be the shortest month of the year, February is nothing short of celebration, fun, honor, and love! In fact, if you're looking to celebrate February every day, you just might want to coordinate your calendar with these National Holidays including Pancake Day, President Day, National Love Your Pet Day, National Muffin Day, and so many more exciting holidays in February!

But of all the holidays found during this month, what February is often associated with is LOVE. Love. Such a small act that can, in turn, make such a world of a difference.

So for this month, our team curated a visual list of books that represented LOVE on so many levels. ❤️ We looked for titles that focused on the layers of love; the love we have for one another, the love we have and should have for ourselves, the love for those who are no longer with us (but really are), and the love for those in need of it most.

Last, we hope this list inspires you to continue to share the love of books with others!

Here's to wishing you a month full of love, significance, and good reads.

XO & Blessings,



Our Top 20

Favorite February Books


1. All You Need is Love


2. I Am Love


3. I Need a Hug


4. In My Heart


5. Love From the Crayons


6. Love Is My Favorite Thing


7. Love Is


8. I'll Love You Till The Cows Come Home


9. I'll Love You Forever


10. Love Matters Most


11. Love Me Tender


12. Love, Z


13. Love


14. Nobody Hugs a Cactus


15. Sealed With a Kiss


16. Plenty of Love To Go Around


17. That's Me Loving You


18. Take Heart, My Child


19. The Invisible String


20. Words and Your Heart




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